During their annual vacation at an isolated beach, Ben and Vee unexpectedly encounter a mysterious backpacker who draws them into a twisted web of lies, deceit and ultimately, revenge.


Following the breakdown of their marriage, Ben and Vee arrive at a secluded beach house for an annual holiday with their best friends Kate and Patrick. However, this year Kate and Patrick don’t arrive. Instead, they find Alex, a mysterious British backpacker who is reluctant to explain why he’s staying in their house.

A palpable sexual tension develops between Alex and Vee fuelling a deep antagonism between the men. It escalates when their dog turns up dead. When tension turns to violence in the sea, Alex vanishes and Ben fears he’s gone a step too far and killed him.

Kate and Patrick arrive, and Ben and Vee must now cover their tracks, desperate to be the first to find the body. If there is one. As the hunt continues, lies and deceit begin to unravel and Vee discovers Kate was having an affair with Alex.

Just as Vee and Ben’s deception threatens to be exposed, Kate discovers Alex’s body in the dunes. But it’s not the man Vee and Ben had met. Who is the Alex they knew, and is he still alive? With Ben and Patrick dealing with the police, the women are alone in the house as Alex makes a chilling re-appearance to claim what he’d been waiting for, and the race is on for ultimate survival.

Psychological Thriller

Remote QLD Setting

Indie Production

Tam Sainsbury.


Tam Sainsbury has directed two feature films, one a psychological thriller and the other a romantic comedy which has international distribution through Nicely Entertainment. She has directed numerous feature POCs and short films that have won awards at festivals around the world. She wrote, directed and produced web series Time & Place with Screen
Australia as principal production investor and directed and produced web series Perfect Messy Love which was funded by Screen Queensland’s digital conversion grant. Late 2021 Tam completed a shadow directing block for Channel Ten’s Neighbours and recently Tam was the first outsourced director to be employed by the US company Mind Valley, directing their latest quest. Tam is the Queensland representative for the Australian Directors Guild and on the committee for the Queensland Screen Collective.

View Tam Sainsbury's Work Here

Jeremy Stanford.


Jeremy is an actor, director, writer and musician. After a successful career as an actor, performing lead roles on every major stage in the country and in many TV staples, including Jack Irish, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Winners and Losers, he co-wrote and directed his first feature film, The Sunset Six. He then went on to direct Rent and Into the Woods for BAPA and became the resident director for the national tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the Musical. He has released two books, an autobiography of his time in Priscilla Queen of the Desert – the Musical titled Year of the Queen and a novel called, Rapture. His second novel, The Runner is due for release later in 2022.

View Jeremy Stanford's Work Here

Official Cast

Nathan Philips


Senior Detective 

"After narrowly escaping a prison sentence, Ben is a powder keg ready
to blow. Can he fix things with his wife, while a secretive and threatening outsider has designs on her."

Ben Turland


British Backpacker

"Attractive and mysterious with no ties, he shows up in the place of their friends and sets his sights on VEE and won’t let anything get in his way, including her husband."

Jeremy Stanford


Unfaithful Husband

"After years of womanising and taking his wife for granted Patrick
wants one last chance to make things right. But will he be too late?"

Hannah Levien


Dissatisfied Wife

"Years of neglect have left her feeling disconnected from her husband. She’s given him one last summer to fix things – but then temptation - in the form of a dangerous stranger - enters the fray."

Bec Hewitt


Jaded Lover

"Finally, Kate has had enough of Patrick and his cheating. This summer is her chance to start something new, but unbeknown to her, she has chosen the wrong man to fall for."

Georgie Parker


Local Policewoman 

"Debbie may be a country cop, but she has a keen eye for trouble. Will
she spot the danger in time?"

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Production is due for commencement from 22th November to 12th December 2022, ready for market mid 2023.

An International Success 

We've Created.

Perfect Messy Love is a feature film set in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Created and directed by Tam Sainsbury, it's currently been sold to a US distributor for international distribution. A perfect showcase of local talent and locations. 

Meet Our Producing Team

Running a commercial production house Fisch's work has taken him from 3rd world countries to some of the largest sound stages.

Fisch Rasy


An enthusiastic up and coming producer, Claudio's work has taken him all around Australia creating commercials, documentaries and films. 

Claudio Cellie


With decades of post production experience Bill is a wizard in all things post. He's worked on short form, long form and shows both in LA and Australia. 

Bill Missett


An advocate for Queensland Screen Professionals, Tam has directed series such as Neighbours and multiple successful features. 

Tam Sainsbury


An accomplished writer and director, Jeremy's creative work can be seen in many forms, having produced books, and multiple feature films. 

Jeremy Stanford


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